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Neuromarketing strategies

Implicit Reaction Time, know what people think of your brand

Implicit Reaction Time applied to Neuromarketing In this article I want to talk about Implicit Reaction Time testing (IRT), a particular family of tests used by experts in Neuromarketing to explore the implicit attitudes of consumers. These tests, which are based on scientific psychological literature, are able to capture people’s immediate, instinctive or unconscious reactions...

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Neuroselling: Let’s sell with the brain

Are Neuroselling and Neuromarketing the same? In the new economy, traditional marketing strategies are no longer sufficient and the use of neuroscience to apply to marketing is undoubtedly a revolutionary support for the sale of products and services. In particular, Neuroselling and Neuromarketing are literally revolutionizing the global sales industry. Many people ask me what...

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Neuromarketing in E-commerce: leave your customer no choice with 7 top strategies

Neuromarketing for E-commerce has quickly taken off in recent years and has found plenty of converts It has become essential to craft marketing strategies that incorporate some psychological features into it and there are some important techniques to keep in mind to boost sales. According to a BSIE (Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) study,...

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