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Marco Baldocchi is the only Italian among the 10 international speakers selected by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association for 2021.

A certificate of enormous and absolute professional value has arrived for Marco Baldocchi, Tuscan entrepreneur and esteemed expert in digital communication and marketing, selected among the ten leading speakers of the “Neuromarketing Series 2021”, as a result of his in-depth studies in the field and the innovative consulting of his communication agencies (On Web, based...

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Neuromarketing on Messenger: how to interact in a fun way!

Today I found in my messenger chat some fun words by a saxophinist that… convinced me to subscribe to his Youtube channel! Something that actually doesn’t happen everyday! Every day a person on Facebook wakes up and knows already that will receive the request to like some friend’s pages: the painter, the singer, the entrepeneur,...

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