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Swiss Post, a Neuromarketing case study

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The best mail company in the world is Swiss Post

The Swiss national postal service Swiss Post has recently been proclaimed the best postal system in the world by UPU (Universal Postal Union).

Well yes, when it comes to reliability, integrity, services and innovation, the Swiss postal organization is undoubtedly among the best ever compared to other postal companies in other countries.

This is why the UPU agency has not thought twice about appointing the company best Swiss postal service in the world again this year.

Deutsche Post qualifies in second place, while the third place goes to the Austrian post office.

The last places are Haiti and Mozambique.

Swiss Post and its public image

But what about the public image of the Swiss society?

Well, the brand has gone through some pretty tough times in recent years.

Doing a short search on google, it turns out that there are sites such as Trustpilot that report rather bad reviews of the company.

recensioni swiss post

This sounds rather strange, as Swiss Post has for years adopted state-of-the-art technology systems to implement its services.

For example, the introduction of autonomous Smart Shuttle capable of transporting passengers from one part of the city to another for free.

Or, the digital stamp, the Smart Letter Box with 

detection and monitoring of postal deliveries.

The new technologies have led to an upgrading of post offices, more “user-friendly” and digital.

Other post offices have been closed, especially those located in small villages, but especially in the mountains (and Switzerland is full of picturesque mountain villages).

So something doesn’t add up.

The Neuromarketing search

In 2017, Swiss Post realized that despite all the technological imprinting, there was an underlying problem that contributed to the discontent of its users.

At this point, the Swiss company decided to call the international Neuromarketing expert Martin Lindstorm.

After a careful Neuromarketing research of the company, for Lindstrom the solution of the problem was clear: it was necessary to reunify the Swiss population with their beloved old postal service.

Basically, Lindstrom found that consumers’ perception of Swiss Post’s innovative and technological services was negative and cold.

In short, the relationship between the company and the people had become detached…it no longer existed.

There was no “human contact”.

It had put aside the fundamental principle that “Swiss Post is part of Swiss identity, and that people come first”.

The problem had grown to such an extent that it compromised the image of one of the most iconic, respected and recognizable companies of the Confederation.


Lindstrom's strategy

Lindstrom’s intervention was successful.

The Neuromarketing expert studied a very accurate strategy.

He introduced community initiatives on the spot that provided for the interaction of postal staff with users, adapting specific services and offers to better meet the needs of customers.

He organized a tour in which the employees traveled in “innovative buses”, making many stops to interact as much as possible with local people.

In some cases, local people were encouraged to participate in the redesign of their local post offices.

Lindstrom sought in this way to recover a more intimate relationship between company, staff and customers, just like in “old times”.

And in fact, slowly things started to change.

The gap between the parties began to narrow.

Thanks to the strategy aimed at regaining the hearts and minds of the entire community, the brand started to increase its consensus again.

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