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Neuromarketing on Messenger: how to interact in a fun way!

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Today I found in my messenger chat some fun words by a saxophinist that… convinced me to subscribe to his Youtube channel!

Something that actually doesn’t happen everyday!

Every day a person on Facebook wakes up and knows already that will receive the request to like some friend’s pages: the painter, the singer, the entrepeneur, the event planner, the psychologist… (and the list goes on and on)

I think you’ll find yourself perfectly in this narration.

So, today I woke up (I admit) on a good mood, heard the typical sounds of Facebook’s chat, waited a few hours and finally had a look at messenger.

Then… This happened:

  1. I saw the word “funny cats” in the chat preview and thought it was a joke
  2. I opened the message and… It made me laugh!
  3. I subscribed to his Youtube channel
  4. I wrote an article (this one!)

Below the message (tell me if you would have subscribed to his YT channel too, eheh):

Hi!! a simple request…. Can you subscribe to my Youtube channel?? You’ll have the chance to see amazing videos where I play in exclusive locations, You don’t care about Sax? Ok… You’ll also find lots of videos of funny cats!!! You don’t care about funny cats? Well, you’ll find videos of funny dogs! You, don’t care about it? Well, please… Subscribe!!!! 

This saxophonist used neuromarketing in a fun way and he reached his objective!

He affirms that the message worked and finally he has 200 subscribers (actually 204 now!) and of course he has not videos of funny pets!

The neuromarketing explanation of the effectiveness of this message is that our rectile brain is attracted in a subconsciuos way to unexpected messages, even more in this period when self promoting it all sound just the same.

Another explation comes from the framing bias: 

Framing bias occurs when people make a decision based on the way the information is presented, as opposed to just on the facts themselves

Here the request was presented in a fun and unique way, that’s way it worked better than the standard messages we receive from our friends (painters, singers, psychologists…)

Also, quoting the artist:

Well, sometimes a laugh helps!

So yes, always having a good strategy in mind that speaks to your clients (and not to people not interested in what you do), you can have a fun and impactful communication!

I hope you have found this article interesting!  If you are, please let me know in the comments and…

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