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Neuromarketing and telephone sales

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Can you sell over the phone using Neuromarketing?

Picking up the phone to make a call to sell a product or service can be difficult and sometimes it can even arouse a bit of fear.

The main reason is that in most cases, you have never had interactions with those on the other side of the phone and you do not know what to expect.

In addition, physical distance often leads to an emotional distance.

This makes things even more difficult, and our efforts may sometimes not be effective in achieving our goal.

However, there is good news!

In fact, there are various Neuromarketing strategies useful to “bring” the customer to us, involve him, make him feel comfortable and close a negotiation or a sale on the phone.

Let’s see some of them together.

Neuromarketing strategies

Use neurolinguistics to increase selective attention

When it comes to telephone sales, one of the main features is effective communication.

Obviously, this is because the potential customer can not see or touch the product or service that you are offering over the phone.

For this, the entire attention is placed on the words used by the seller and therefore a good strategy is to attract his selective attention.

But what exactly do we mean when we talk about selective attention?

selective attention neuromarketing

Selective attention is the ability to focus on the target stimulus, the object of interest, and to process internally the information relevant to the achievement of a specific purpose.

The information you pay attention to is selected and processed more efficiently, has access to consciousness and guides the response.

So, it’s important to use the right words to capture the attention of your potential client.

Neurolinguistics helps us in our endeavors. 

In fact, when we talk to our potential customer on the phone, it is useful to leverage for example words that lead to the sensory experience: sweet, cold, clear, fragrant, etc..

Or, we can use words that refer to emotions: joy, security, pride, warmth, empathy etc…

Then there are the onomatopoeic words that can help us: splash, crunchy, bubbly, fry etc…

And the tone of voice? It’s closely related to emotions.

So pay attention to your voice rhythm and frequency.

The listener is able to recognize an emotional state based solely on these vocal indicators.

Storytelling to build trust

Before selling a product you must always gain the confidence of the customer.

A key technique to do it over the phone (and not) is storytelling.

Storytelling is the art of telling a personal or metaphorical story, with the aim of identifying your listener, so as to gain his trust and guide him towards buying on the phone.

storytelling neuromarketing

Prepare a story with funny, exciting, surprising anecdotes about customers who in the past have solved a problem thanks to the product you are trying to sell.

Or, you could tell the exciting story of your brand: how it was born, how it grew, and the success it has achieved over time.

Don’t forget to use Neurolinguistics also for storytelling.

Other Neuromarketing strategies

Neuromarketing also offers many other strategies that can be applied to telephone sales.

You can find some of them by browsing through my articles here.

Remember for example that it is not appropriate to call a customer who knows nothing about your company and your product.

It may therefore be useful to send informative material by email a few days before the call.

Also, don’t go too long with long monologues when describing the product.
Try to make it “short and concise”. 

Well, I hope in this article I gave you some insight into the strategies to adopt to improve your sales performance over the phone.

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