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Neurocopywriting, how to make contents more effective with neuroscience

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When neuromarketing meets writing, neurocopywriting is born

In the previous articles we have seen how neuromarketing is able to predict (not manipulate) the purchase choices of a consumer through well-defined techniques and devices.

Today we are dealing with neurocopywriting, one of the new frontiers opened by neuroscience.

The term “neurocopywriting” is recent and has been coined to emphasize the collaboration between web copywriting, neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

It’s basically about building effective web content using knowledge, reaction modes, and brain attention.

We can say that neurocopywriting and neuromarketing coexist in a child – parent relationship.

What are the neurocopywriting techniques

First of all, it is good to specify that the benefits of applying neuroscience to writing can be truly manifold.

Neurocopywriting is able to establish emotional connections with readers and to help them channel to the sale of a product.

So how do you get the reader’s attention?

Here are some techniques that can help.

  • When you write web content, put the most relevant information in the upper left corner of the page. It has indeed been shown that  readers make a movement with eyes similar to a “Z” when they read a web page. 
  • As for the texts, I suggest you use a visual and descriptive style rather than abstract. This is because the sight is the sense we most frequently use. Use emotional phrases and powerful words. 
  • Also, storytelling is a great tool to catch a reader’s attention. In this way, we activate our emotional brain and as a result, we are able to capture attention.
  • Make sure the content follows a specific order. It’s essential to order the points you want to talk about in the way the customer would think of these. For example, it is not appropriate to talk about prices before introducing the product. The customer always wants to know first what he is going to buy. 
  • As we know, readers tend to “scan” rather than read web content carefully. Therefore make good use of titles and subtitles, being careful to use positive cognitive biases.
  • Our reptilian brain needs always to be reassured through obvious facts. When you write on the web, use data, quotes and persuasive photos from reliable and accredited sources to establish a relationship of trust with your interlocutor.

Final coinsiderations on neurocopywriting

It’s obvious that neurocopywriting is one of the most important skills that a copywriter should learn.

In other words, neurocopywriting is built around our natural desires, needs, emotions, and even senses, to bring the consumer towards purchase.

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