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Marco Baldocchi is the only Italian among the 10 international speakers selected by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association for 2021.

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A certificate of enormous and absolute professional value has arrived for Marco Baldocchi, Tuscan entrepreneur and esteemed expert in digital communication and marketing, selected among the ten leading speakers of the “Neuromarketing Series 2021”, as a result of his in-depth studies in the field and the innovative consulting of his communication agencies (On Web, based in Lucca, Tuscany, and Marco Baldocchi Group in Miami, Florida). The Neuromarketing Science and Business Association is the major international reference for the study of cognitive and behavioral processes related to marketing strategies and every year selects ten professionals in the world to represent it through initiatives, events and training conferences for managers and companies.

NMSBA members include marketers, marketing specialists, consumer insight professionals, buyers of neuromarketing research, international neuromarketing gurus, academics engaged in digital communication and consumer behavioral process research. Baldocchi, who was found to be, according to the parameters of the Association, the sixth professional in the world as fame and requirements related to Neuromarketing, will be from February operative for the “Neuromarketing Series 2021”, in the field of research and training.

Since knowledge sharing is fundamental to expand the field of Neuromarketing, the NMSBA uses a series of tools to facilitate the sharing of knowledge inside and outside the community with a dynamic, flexible and large coverage communication activity, so that the new business communication techniques derived from Neuromarketing can establish itself as the most effective tool, in the field of digital communication and advertising, of the new millennium.

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