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How social media could damage your website (if you use them badly)

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Have you ever thoughtthat social media could have a bad effect on your website SEO?

Actually, social media marketing is a good way to improve your SEO. In fact,when you post something on your social networks, appropriate for your target and aligned toyour aims, people start clicking, sharing, retwitting on your content. These actions reduce thebounce rate and increasethe time your visitors spend on your website, and  this is a good news for your SEO!
However, all this happens if you are takingdoingthe right steps. But what ifyou are making some mistakes?
Here arethree waysin which your social media strategy may damage your website.

1) Don’t optimize your social media accounts

Your social media accounts are often the first place where your customers land or the first result that Google showsupwhen someone is looking for you online.Therefore, you certainlyunderstand how important it is for your social media accounts to be optimized and how manyopportunities you couldlooseif they wouldn’t be.

Brand awareness seems to be a simple concept,but it is really not for everyone. In fact ,not manypeople use social networks and SEO thinking that theseare good partners to design their online presence and bring potential customers  directly to your contents.
Be careful, different social networks need different languages.

2) Having low quality links

Let us start from two truth. First of all, good links are the basis for a good SEO activity. However, the opposite also applies. Low quality links could damage your Google ranking.

It is good for your brand and SEO to receive high quality links. This because it creates a lot of buzz and visits to your website. If not already done, I suggest you to check the positioning of your website on Google. You can use Pro Rank Traker or Tiny Ranker (free tools).

3) Overlooking the traffic from social networks to your website

Have you ever heard about “bounce rate”?

It is a simple concept: when people arrive to your website and don’t find contents they are searching for,  and they leave. In this case, Google uses these informationsto downgrade your position in SERP.
It means that your SEO can get damaged if your social media strategy brings people to your website who quickly leave.
In this case inbound marketing could be your solution.

Try to analyze your visitors behaviors in order to optimize your traffic.
To recap: if people stay more time on your website, you improve your SEO.
So, be careful to your social media strategy, it could be dangerous!

Kind Italian Regards!

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