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Emotional Neuromarketing | Cupra Formentor – Case study

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11 Seconds. After 11 seconds of Spot, we finally see a frame where the Formentor CUPRA features. Why is that? What message, so important, is conveyed in these first 11 seconds? We find out in this article about (Neuro) Emotional Marketing.


From the first time I saw this commercial I was impressed with how, the time space dedicated to the new car, was extremely limited when compared to the other images accompanied by a voiceover.


This disproportionate follows the same ′”disproportion” we find at the level of what affects our brain: emotions.

This commercial is disproportionately (and I say it in a positive way)… Emotional!


I’m talking about Neuromarketing (and not just marketing) because emotions, accompanied by graphic images, hit the reptilian and intermediate brain; short images of the machine, which at strategic times appear and have lasted increasing, will instead go further and further activating the cortical brain until the end of the commercial with a specific call to action that… will capture us!


This ad campaign that I personally loved very much, is then implemented to a communication that follows, even on social media, the same settings.


The slogan′ Do what really drives you.” the message that Cupra wants to convey, seems to place the car like it was the fruit of a desire, an ′′ unrealizable ′′ project, but, like a dream pulled out of the drawer – afterwards great determination, motivation and passion – has become concrete.


The perceived of the car will therefore be highly performative and innovative: the result of a dream and hard work made by professionals in the industry, against time and continuous difficulties… to achieve it!


Hoping you enjoyed this case study in Neuromarketing, wait for the next article to deepen more or discover my previous one here.

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