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Emotional marketing – Uncle Sam, Obama and Nike slogans

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What do the slogans of Nike, of the election campaign of Obama and Uncle Sam  have in common? The answer is that they use emotional marketing. Let’s find out how.

The slogans used in their campaigns are imprinted in our memory because they use a very strong emotional lever, who doesn’t associate the 3 to Just Do It, Yes We Can e I Want You?

Within the type of emotional marketing we find the Act Experience, which perfectly explains where the power of these slogans come from

“This category of emotional marketing makes use of motivational, persuasive and instinctive messages that serve to push the user to act differently than he would normally and to try new experiences that could change his life for the better. Often this type of communication tries to make the client focus on his own limits and incites him to confront and overcome them, showing him strongly persuasive images.”

page 33  Neuromarketing per il Food, Marco Baldocchi.

These are just slogans, which consequently led, for integrity (one of the levers to the persuasion of Cialdini, which we mention here), to campaigns that drive buyers, voters, or people who were eligible to enter the U.S. Army to be motivated, to believe, to dream and consequently to act. And the direction of action is therefore dictated by slogans and the relative emotional culture that hides behind.

Let’s see them below:

Nike’s Just Do It, with Colin Kaepernick, an advertisement that gives you the creeps, yes, because Colin, an American football quarterback and activist, is out of contract since 2017. Why? Because he did not rise during the American anthem in protest against the discrimination of the American people against the African Americans.

Which phrase is more exciting, moving and exemplifying than… Just Do It?

On the night of the 2008 primary, we can see the intensity of the so able speaker Barack Obama, always related to a type of emotional communication:

It was designed by James Montgomery Flagg, using himself as a model and inspired by another British manifesto for an army recruitment campaign. Here is Uncle Sam of the famous “I Want You” (for U.S. Army):


I Want you uncle sam and emotional marketing
I Want You – Uncle Sam and emotional marketing

We hope this article has thrilled you just as it did for us when being written: the chills were felt once inserted the first video of the article about Colin Kaepernick.

How could you use this article? Use it as food for thought and evaluate the power of a simple slogan with emotional content for your company or for you as a freelancer.

If you are seeking for ideas to create your slogan, I recommend this tool by Oberlo where you can enter your name or that of your brand and you will have 1076 slogans in English to rework.

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