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Facial coding in Neuromarketing

Facial coding, its evolution over the time The concept that we reveal our true emotions with facial expressions was proposed in 1872 by the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin in his work: The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Darwin believed that mammals revealed their emotions with their faces. However, the subject was not...

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Neurocopywriting, how to make contents more effective with neuroscience

When neuromarketing meets writing, neurocopywriting is born In the previous articles we have seen how neuromarketing is able to predict (not manipulate) the purchase choices of a consumer through well-defined techniques and devices. Today we are dealing with neurocopywriting, one of the new frontiers opened by neuroscience. The term “neurocopywriting” is recent and has been...

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Neuromarketing and the ethical issue

Neuromarketing and the ethical question As we now know, in the Neuromarketing field, neural activity is associated with consumer behavior to carry out targeted advertising campaigns. Neuroscience is therefore increasingly becoming involved in marketing research. To do this, we mainly use technologies from the medical sector, such as the electroencephalogram, which allows to study the...

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